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23rd Oct 2018

This viral ‘diary of a two-year-old’ has struck a chord with plenty of mums

Orlaith Condon

One mum’s post written from the perspective of her two-year-old is going viral and is receiving huge praise from many parents.

Sharing the story by an unknown author on her parenting blog, Mom Babble, Mary Katherine Backstrom simply captioned the post:

“From the diary of a two-year-old.”

“Today I woke up and wanted to get dressed by myself but was no ‘No, we don’t have time, let me do it.’ This made me sad,” began the story.

“I wanted to feed myself for breakfast but was told, ‘No, you’re too messy, let me do it for you.’ This made me feel frustrated.

“I wanted to walk to the car and get in on my own but was told, ‘No, we need to get going, we don’t have time. Let me do it.’ This made me cry.”

The post poked at the idea of the “terrible twos” and how a child at that age just wants to explore and figure things out for themselves.

“Later I wanted to play with blocks but was told, ‘No, not like that, like this…’

“I decided I didn’t want to play with blocks anymore.

“I am two. No one will let me dress myself, no one will let me move my own body where it needs to go, no one will let me attend to my own needs.”

The story finished by breaking down some of the expectations parents have for children who do not fully understand what they’re being asked. And in contrast, the things they are prevented from doing that they want to get better at.

“However, I am expected to know how to share, listen, or ‘wait a minute’. I am expected to know what to say and how to act or handle my emotions. I am expected to sit still or know that if I throw something it might break. But, I do NOT know these things.”

“I am not allowed to practice my skills of walking, pushing, pulling, zipping, buttoning, pouring, serving, climbing, running, throwing or doing things that I know I can do.

“Things that interest me and make me curious, these are the things I am NOT allowed to do.”

“I am two. I am not terrible… I am frustrated. I am nervous, stressed out, overwhelmed, and confused. I need a hug.”

The post has struck a chord with many parents and has been liked over 120,000 times and shared more than 220,000 times.

“This made me cry,” wrote one mum. “Life itself is chaos, but the little moments with your children last a lifetime. They will never remember why we are in a hurry or why we are late. They will remember ‘Mom let me do this’ or ‘that on my own’.

“I would rather be late for something than destroy my children’s memories.”