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16th Oct 2018

Unicorn wallpaper exists and the kids will be obsessed with it

Jade Hayden

Look at it, like.

Doing up your new gaff is fun.

It’s stressful, it costs a lot, and it could actually be of the most painful experiences of your life, but whatever, it’s also fun, you enjoy it, don’t lie.

One of the greatest things about doing up your house is going to IKEA – hands down, no question about it, no competition.

A close second though has to be deciding what colour you’re going to paint your walls, or rather in this case, what kind of wallpaper you’re going to buy.

Because yes, wallpaper is still a thing that people use to decorated their homes with and is, in fact, wildly under appreciated.

Especially this specific kind of wallpaper because it literally looks like a unicorn exploded all over it but in the best way possible.

This is it:


Just imagine that wallpaper in your bedroom, making your most intimate moments a bit more sparkly. Or your bathroom to brighten up your early morning routine.

Or your utility room just because, why not, it’s class.

The design comes from MuralsWallpapers, who created the purple, pastel product to see what a unicorn would look like if it accidentally exploded all over a wall.

No really, they did. That’s where they got their inspiration from.

They said:

“The explosive influence of the unicorn trend can be seen everywhere, and now the trend can make a big splash in the interior design world with a mural inspired by an exploded unicorn that transforms a space into a candy coloured dreamland.”

Can’t argue with that, tbh.

The wallpaper isn’t super literal, so you can continue to be an avid unicorn fan without actually having to be too obvious about it too.

The dream.