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26th Dec 2017

A Wicklow boy’s precious Lion King toy is lost… he needs your help finding it

The poor little thing is "devastated".

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Most parents will know that shopping with a preschooler in tow is tough at the best of times.

So Christmas Eve in Dundrum Town Centre – one of the country’s busiest retail spots – would safely be described as “intense”.

And it was in the midst of that madness that a Wicklow mum-of-two realised that her three-year-old son was without his most prized and precious toy: a soft Nala teddy.

Taking to social media on Stephen’s Day, Lianda Reynolds Byrne admitted that her little boy was “devastated”.

“I’ve called every shop,” she said today, sadly adding that she’d “had no luck so far”.

Lianda, who lives in Wicklow with her husband and small children, is hoping to spread the word of the missing Nala – a toy her son has had since birth.

“In the madness of Christmas shopping I’m praying it’s still out there somewhere!” she concluded. “Please help – have a pretty devastated little boy.”

Nala is a lioness from The Lion King – and has been one of Disney’s most popular characters since the film was released in 1994,

In the much-hyped forthcoming live-action version of the movie, Nala will be played by Beyonce.

And fingers crossed the precious missing soft toy is located quickly and returned to its rightful owner! We’ll keep you posted…