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26th Apr 2019

Woman ‘repulsed’ by the way her friend changed baby’s nappy

Jade Hayden

changing nappy

Big deal or no?

A woman has sparked a debate online are saying that she was “repulsed” by the way her friend changed her baby’s nappy.

The woman said that she was enjoying a friendly chat with her friend in her sitting room when it became apparent that the 19-month-old baby needed a change.

She said her friend “… proceeds not to break conversation but whip out a very small changing mat and some wipes etc, lay it all on the carpet and introduce fresh faecal matter into my front room.”

The woman wrote on Netmums that she was “repulsed” by what happened.

“My digestive biccie now has a overpowering scent of poo accompanying it, and my other friend looks like he’s about to start retching.

“I am very supportive of breastfeeding in public etc, that just hasn’t got any argument against it, why should anyone be made to eat their lunch in a toilet, but in the same vein – why is it acceptable to change a nappy in a living room rather than a perfectly well equipped bathroom or even any other room that we are not drinking tea in?”

The woman added that she is not usually made queasy easily, but that she found the situation to be “rank.”

Some people agreed with the woman’s post, saying that the friend probably should have gone elsewhere if this had never been done before.

“I don’t blame you for not being happy about changing a dirty nappy in your living room,” said one person. “As a mum, I would never do this without asking the person there where to change the baby.”

Another said: “In someone else’s house, especially someone who doesn’t have young children, who I haven’t seen for a while, I would definitely ask where to change her nappy. It’s just common courtesy.”

However, some argued that the woman should “get over” what happened and that a baby being changed is not “offensive.”

“I would change my child’s nappy without actually thinking about it,” said another. “Throw her over my knee and away we go. It’s just automatic.”

“I don’t understand why you’re bringing breastfeeding into it,” said another.

Have you ever been criticised for changing your baby in the past? Or do you have a similar story? Let us know in the comments.