Mum recalls how she had to catch her own intestines after c-section scar burst 1 year ago

Mum recalls how she had to catch her own intestines after c-section scar burst

This is horrifying!

A new mum from Aberdeenshire recalls how she was left holding her intestines after her c-section scar burst while she was taking a shower.

The then first time mum, Mel Bremner, had bent down to pick up a bottle of shampoo when her scar suddenly ruptured.

Her partner photographed the scene while they waited for the air ambulance, which has recently gone viral.

You can view the image here but warning, as it is extremely graphic.

Ms Bremner underwent the emergency procedure at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin while giving birth to her daughter Nadie.

Everything seemed to be fine until she tried to wash herself after arriving home.

Closeup of woman belly with a scar from a cesarean section

The 38-year-old said her partner Aidan had noticed two ‘white blobs’ in the middle of the wound four days after the operation but they didn’t suspect anything was wrong.

After the rupture it is believed that the white blobs were in fact fat.

When discussing the incident on parenting forum Channel Mum Bremner said;

"I don’t remember if I felt it happen or saw it happen first, but my intestines were slipping out of my stomach. I put my hands underneath to catch it."

I underwent an emergency c-section on my first baby and was always terrified of my scar bursting and I don't think I'm alone in saying that what happened to Ms Brumner is my worst nightmare.

Mel has since recovered fully from the traumatic incident.