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Early years

16th Jul 2023

Parents spend 90 hours a year trying to coax their children into the car

Getting the children into the car is a task and a half, and more often than none it feels like an eternity trying to make them strap in.

While we say an eternity, it turns out we’re not far off as one study has shown that parents spend 90 hours a year trying to coax our kids into the car.

We’ve all been there, we’re ready to somewhere and the kids are not in any form to do this.

We spend so much time trying to persuade them and after what feels like forever, they’re finally strapped in.

SEAT UK have looked into this and found that parents spend an average of 10 minutes each day trying to get their children into the car.

10 minutes each day doesn’t seem like much but as the year goes on, those 10 minutes add up.

Adding up to a whopping 96 hours a year, we end up spending four whole days just trying to get our children into the car.

The study found that a third of parents end up being late for work at least once a week due to getting the kids ready.

Tasks like putting their shoes on are one of the biggest causes of this.

They also found that the “terrible twos” are the worst age for children when it comes to cooperating and that one in 14 families need an extra 40 minutes to get ready in the morning.