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Early years

18th Oct 2022

What your baby should wear when travelling in a car seat during winter

Melissa Carton

The bite has really come into the Irish weather and we’re all starting to wrap up warmer.

For adults, it’s all just a matter of throwing on our hats and scarves but for children travelling in car seats, it can be tricky.

Some winter jackets can be hazardous when combined with a child’s car seat and can stop the straps from functioning in the case of an accident.

Bulky winter coats and bodysuits can render the straps of your child’s car seat obsolete.

A child’s straps should always be snug to their body to keep them from being flung if the car should brake suddenly but thick coats and clothing mean the straps are much looser then they should be.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress your child warmly, but there are ways to keep them cosy while also keeping them safe.

To keep your child safe while travelling during the colder months:

-Dress them in light layers for car travel. Not only will this mean that their straps fit correctly but it will also prevent them from overheating on long journeys.

-On very cold days wrap a blanket around them OVER their straps.

-While they should not wear bulky clothing during their travels they should have their coat or bodysuit in the car for when they are exiting the vehicle.

Child seat safety is vitally important in preventing injury should an accident occur.

As well as making sure that your child’s straps fit correctly they should also have the right car seat for their size and weight. Your car seat must also be fitted correctly to be effective.

If you’re unsure of what type of car seat specifications your child needs you can find out more information about car seat safety at