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06th Jul 2021

Khloe Kardashian mom-shamed for carrying her three-year-old daugher True

Kat O'Connor

The trolls never leave the mum alone.

Khloe Kardashian has been targeted by mom-shamers again and it’s for the most ridiculous reason.

The mum was collecting her daughter from dance class when the paparazzi snapped photos of the pair. Khloe, who was dressed in all black, carried her daughter in her arms as they headed towards her car.

People couldn’t resist shaming Khloe for doing the most basic thing and called her out for simply carrying her child.

Trolls questioned why True wasn’t walking by herself and felt the need to tell Khloe how she should raise her child.

“True is a big girl, let her walk,” one said.

Another commented, “Does Khloe ever let True walk?”

“She needs to be walking. She’s too big to be carried,” another added.

One remarked, “Can the kid not walk?”

Fans of the reality star were quick to defend her and many stressed that True is Khloe’s daughter and she can carry her if she wants to.

Nobody should tell another how to parent, right?


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Plus, maybe the mum didn’t feel safe letting her 4-year-old walk around in a car park, especially with so many paparazzi nearby.

She was simply doing what felt right for her and what was best for her daughter.

Luckily, the mum doesn’t let the trolls phase her anymore. She told Cosmopolitan UK that she has disconnected from that world.

“I sometimes like to just take a break and disconnect because none of that actually matters in the real world. I know who I am, and my friends and family know who I am, what my intentions are, and my heart,” the 37-year-old said.

“I’m peaceful with that, so nothing else matters.”