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21st Nov 2023

Khloe Kardashian reveals the ‘ridiculous’ baby gift she gave to Kourtney and Travis Barker

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian clan are known for their extravagant gifting.

So it’s no surprise that Khloe Kardashian would go all out for her oldest sister Kourtney after she welcomed her first child with Travis Barker earlier this month.

The ‘Good American’ founder recently revealed to TODAY that the lavish, yet ‘ridiculous’, baby gift to mark the arrival of their son, Rocky Thirteen, was something she chose knowing her sister would love.

“It was a late baby shower gift, it was stuck in customs for so long. But I got her this really cute vintage Hermès wooden rocking horse.

“It’s really old school, but it’s so her. I think it’s more of a decor piece for the room, I don’t really think it’s something that you use … it’s ridiculous, but I know it’s something that she loves.”

Khloe also shared what her own daughter, True, is asking for this Christmas from Santa Claus.

It turns out that the five-year-old, much like other kids her age, has a long list of things she would love.

“What is she not asking for? She loves Bluey, it’s a cartoon character, an Australian dog she loves. She’s still so into slime. She’s really into arts and crafts things, and so I’m all for that. But it’s really messy — and fabulous. That, and she wants another cat,” the mum-of-two shares.

“This is the first time I’ve owned a cat, so now having two? I just cannot be a cat woman. But we’ll see what happens.”

The reality TV personality takes gifting very seriously, and it’s no wonder, as she has her work cut out for her being part of such a big family.

For this reason, Khloe starts her Christmas shopping a lot earlier than most people.

“I love giving gifts and I try to give gifts [that are] really individual and specific to each person, which I think is how you should shop.

“But it’s also torture because I’m literally shopping as soon as Christmas is over. Maybe I take two days of vacation and then I’m like OK, I’ve got to think for next year.”

When it comes to her four sisters, she admits that some are easier to buy for than others.

“They sort of just tell you what they want and I love that. Some people might think that’s rude, but I’m like, no, just make it simple for me. They’ll give me a list and I love that.

“Kourtney and Kendall, they don’t give you any direction. So sometimes that’s harder. I think they think it’s easier, but I just want you to spell it out for me what you want,” Khloe adds, revealing that Kylie and Kim are the easiest sisters to buy for.

The Kardashians are influential for a lot of reasons, but I think Khloe’s shopping organisation is my new inspiration.