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10th Jun 2020

Mum shares hack on how to make safe and edible sand for babies to play with

Melissa Carton

This is a brilliant idea.

If there’s one thing that toddlers love to do, it’s to throw anything they pick up into their mouths and sand is no exception.

Now don’t ask me why babies and toddlers seem so determined to eat sand, because if you’ve ever accidentally ended up with some in your mouth, you’ll know how horrible it feels.

Nevertheless, just about every baby or toddler the moment they hit the beach or sand pit will lob some straight into their mouth.

If you want to work around this little problem mum Chelsey Horne has come up with a pretty simple but ingenius way to make edible sand for young children to play with.

Yes, it’s that easy.

To make this edible sand for yourself at home all you need is a cereal like Cheerios and a blender or food processor of some kind.

Throw some of the cereal into the blender and blend until it’s a smooth powder.

Then dispense into a plastic container for your child to play with and let them have at it.

Because it’s made from cereal it will be safe for them to ingest (though they should still be supervised incase some goes down the wrong way).

You can even get some creative by making different coloured sand using food colouring or maybe even add edible glitter.

It never surprises me the great hacks and tricks that parents come up with and I’m constantly finding videos that make me say ‘ why did I never think of that’.

Have you spotted or created any cool parenting tips lately?

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