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09th Mar 2020

Tried and tested: I’ve been using Bloom and Blossom pillow spray with my child at bedtime

Melissa Carton

My two-year-old is no fan of bedtime.

You might think it’s because she takes naps during the day and just isn’t tired, but no she doesn’t take those either.

The girl just fights sleep and even when it seems like you’ve gotten her down for the night she springs back up like a Jack in the Box, usually around 3am.

I’ve tried all the usually solutions like warm milk and bathing her with lavender wash before she goes to bed, all to no avail.

Most mornings I’m up early for work and I find it really hard to focus in the office if my brain is still exhausted, so I decided to give Bloom and Blossom bedtime spray a go – a last attempt of getting my beauty sleep back.

My two-year-old loves and I mean LOVES The Very Hungry Caterpillar so I figured we were already off to a good start with a range that features her favourite book character on the front.

As well as the pillow spray, we have the hair and body wash and moisturiser. I’m not going to lie, I have 100 percent used some of the moisturiser myself as it smells incredible.

I started using the products with her last week. Things went smoothly the first couple of nights.

I sprayed a little on her pillow and she went down soundly; all was well.

The third night didn’t go so well but I can’t blame that on the spray as she had tripped and scraped her knee before bed and was cranky the rest of the night because of it.

The following night things seemed to slip back into calmness and it’s been that way ever since.

Bedtime is no longer 15-20 minutes of her crying and trying to climb back out of the bed while I attempt to read her a story, but instead a nice relaxing bedtime routine.

I’ve had friends who’ve seen the spray on my Instagram stories ask me what age it can it be used from after I said I was having good results. Joy of joys it’s suitable from birth. Yay!

The Bloom and Blossom baby pillow spray is available from the Bloom and Blossom website and comes in at around €11.50 (£10). A small price for a good night’s sleep, am I right?