This viral photos of three mums proves there is no 'right' way to feed your child 1 year ago

This viral photos of three mums proves there is no 'right' way to feed your child

Bottle or breast?

It's a debate that can become quite heated but does there really need to be any debate?

Different studies have come up with all the pros and cons but really when it comes down to it isn't 'fed' the best? Does it really matter how we feed our babies as long as their healthy?

In short no, it doesn't and no mum should be shamed for how she chooses to feed her child.

One viral photo sums this up perfectly by showing three different mothers feeding their children in three different ways.


The stunning Renaissance-style portrait shows three beautiful mums adorned in flowing gowns cradling their babies.

It also shows all three of the babies being fed in three completely different ways. One is bottle-fed, one is breastfed while the third uses a medical tube.

All three babies look happy and healthy and the photograph proves that that's all that really counts.

Debates on how best to feed babies do nothing be guilt trip mothers. I know myself I struggled badly while trying to breastfeed my first baby and ended up turning to bottle feeding. The second time around my milk came in really well but for some mums, their milk never really comes through for a variety of reasons.

As mums, our number one priority is making sure our children are taken care of and we should never be made ashamed of our choices when they are the right choices for our family.