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16th Jun 2022

3 top safety tips for keeping your home secure while you’re away this summer

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by PhoneWatch 

Heading on holidays? These simple tips will help keep your home safe while you’re away…

Getting ready for a family holiday is no easy task.

From organising all your travel documents and itineraries to the endless amounts of packing, getting yourself and the kids organised for a trip away from home can be a pretty hectic process.

Amidst the chaos, it’s can be easy to forget one of the most important pre-holiday rituals – ensuring that your home is safe and protected. With burglaries and home robberies still a huge cause for concern, it’s so important to check that your home is secure before you head off on your next holiday.

With that in mind, here are some top safety tips to help keep your home safe while you’re away…

1. Don’t forget the basics

Lock all your doors and windows, hide all of your valuables and ensure there are no spare keys hidden away in obvious places. It sounds pretty simple but, when you’re in the throws of pre-holiday packing and getting the whole family organised for your trip, it can be easy to forget the basics.

Before you leave for your trip, take a moment to hide away anything valuable, do a sweep around every room to ensure all windows are closed and locked and be sure to check every door leading into your home as well.

2. Get a home alarm installed

If you’re concerned that your home isn’t safe while you’re away, one of the best steps you can take is having a reliable and secure house alarm installed.

PhoneWatch have a wide range of award-winning home security devices to suit your personal needs, that have been designed to guarantee your safety while you’re away. PhoneWatch alarms and devices can be controlled by the PhoneWatch App, making it easy to keep tabs on what’s happening at home while you’re on holidays.

Protecting over 120,000 homes and families right across Ireland, PhoneWatch respond to over 670,000 alarm activations each year, in an average of 22 seconds, so you can relax knowing they will investigate any issues that arise while you’re away.

Find out more about PhoneWatch HERE.

PhoneWatch have also partnered with Kaleidoscope Family Festival as their official security and safety partner, providing trusty safety measures throughout the event. And to celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to WIN tickets to Kaleidoscope Family Festival – simply comment on the post below to enter and WIN…


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3. Don’t share that you’re going away on social media

When you’re excited for an upcoming getaway, it can be tempting to pop up a post sharing your holiday plans, and we’re all guilty of posting that Out of Office snap before we set off for the sun. But if you’re posting about any upcoming trips online, you’re also telling the world that your home will be empty for the coming days or weeks.

The best thing you can do is save the holiday snaps until you’re back home, when it’s not putting your property or your belongings at risk.

For more tips on keeping your home safe this summer, check out the clip below…

PhoneWatch summer safety tips.mp4 from PhoneWatch

PhoneWatch is proud to be the official security and safety partner at Kaleidoscope Family Festival and will be on hand to provide trusted protection measures throughout the festival, including comfortable meeting points for you and your kids, safety wristbands and extra protection for all your belongings. 

Brought to you by PhoneWatch