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06th Sep 2021

Let’s get silly-spooky with even MORE family Halloween costume ideas

Laura Grainger

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

From your favourites to your kids’ favourites, there’s plenty of inspo for the whole family.

It’s never too early to start planning anything when you have kids.

So while some people might feel like Halloween is a while away yet, the weeks are going to fly in until suddenly it’s the week of and you’re stressed trying to meet the kids’ demands and accommodate each and everyone’s differing costumes.

Orrrrr, you could start early and choose a family costume complete with a specific role for each member.

Family costumes are a cute and clever way to celebrate spooky season together and show your kids their parents can be as fun and silly as they are.

We’ve put together some more family Halloween costume ideas for inspiration.

Now if only we could reap the rewards of getting free sweets when we take the kids trick-or-treating…

Jurassic Park

Dino lovers and little adventurers will love this one, plus have you seen the viral videos of how hilarious it is when juniors run around in these dinosaur suits?!

Cruella and Crew

Cruella, her henchman and the fur she lives for always make for a fabulous costume. The best part about this is that the number of pups can be multiplied by the number of kids.

Breastfed Baby Shark

Have a new baba? This one is a simple but effective way of showing just how much breastfeeding can be a pain in the t*t.

Cookie Monster

The only thing cuter than a baby monster is a baby monster accompanied by two parents willing to make accessories out of themselves.

Mary Poppins

Yes, mam and dad look amazing, but the penguin besties sat side-by-side on the bench is tear-inducing levels of adorable.

The Shining

Never have we ever seen such clever use of… children. Such a great idea for families that have two daughters and a son.

Inside Out

Disgust, Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness and Bing Bong have never looked better. How cool is Anger’s hair? And mam being Disgust is very apt.

Hocus Pocus

The only thing that could make the three witches of Hocus Pocus even more hilarious is to miniaturise them. From the costumes to the poses, these gals have it nailed. It’s a great idea if you’ve three daughters, or if your kid has two cousins or besties they’d love to link costumes with.

Seven Dwarves

Why didn’t we realise how perfect a Snow White costume theme is for larger families? These parents and their five kiddos went as the seven dwarves, but families with more than five kids could also add Snow White herself, the Evil Queen and the Prince.

A Schitty Costume

If you’re a fam of four, consider dressing up as everyone’s favourite riches-to-rags family. Love that costume journey for you.

Mario Kart

Why fight about who gets to play which character onscreen when you can fight about who gets to play which character in real life?

Game of Thrones

Go from “mother” to “Mother of Dragons” with your little ones (though they are admittedly more cute than fierce). We love dad’s wig, too.

Coraline’s Other Family

So simple, yet so effective. So creepy, yet so kid-friendly. All it really takes is getting Coraline’s yellow outfit and blue hair right, and some black eyeliner to sort everyone else.

Little Red

Oh grandma, what hairy legs you have. You can’t go wrong with fairytales at Halloween.

The Wizard of Oz

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! An only-daughter amongst a few brothers allows for the perfect Dorothy and companions. Parents can join in the fun with whichever characters are left.

The Flintstones

Plenty of families dress as the Flintstones each Halloween (including the Kardashian-Wests), but this fam proves neither a Fred nor Barney is needed to nail the costume. Betty and Wilma are the perfect characters for a matriarch-only family.

Star Wars

Star Wars is always a handy costume choice because there’s so many iconic and recognisable characters to choose from, meaning the theme works no matter how many or how little kids you have.

Pokémon Catch ‘Em All

A great one for expectant families: why not make full use of the bump and incorporate it into the costume? We think this kiddo will grow up to get a great kick out of knowing they participated in the family costume as a Poké Ball.

The Little Mermaid

Under the sea, there’s so many characters to choose from! From Ariel and family to her sea creature pals to her scary-but-fabulous nemesis, this Disney classic has endless options for family members of all ages and genders.

Fortnite Fam

If you’ve got little gamers in your family, they’ll love this one. Fortnite offers a variety of playable ‘skins’ that you can bring to life easily enough in the real world for Halloween.

Pooh and Crew

Oh, honey… another great use of a bump, this time as Pooh Bear’s pot belly! Plus with all the wonderful inhabitants at the Hundred Acre Woods, this group costume can be added to if you have a bigger family than the one pictured.

The Fresh Family

Why go as a royal prince when you could go as a fresh prince? We love this family recreation of Will, Carlton, Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil. If you’ve got daughters or nieces, you can also recruit for Ashley and Hilary.