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27th Nov 2020

Research confirms gender gap participation in STEM professions

Melissa Carton

Very interesting.

New research finds that just one in eight Irish people believe they have a high-level knowledge of science, while half of people (49 per cent) believe they have moderate knowledge.

The research also found that men and younger adults are more likely to suggest a high level of knowledge and that gender gap between the participation of men and women in STEM professions.

The research comes as part of Pfizer and Science Gallery Speed of Science campaign.

Just over one in ten (11 per cent) of people work in a STEM profession in Ireland, however the research also confirms a significant gender gap in the percentage of men (15 per cent) and women (7 per cent) working in STEM related careers.

35 per cent (one in three) feel there are more STEM opportunities in Ireland than elsewhere, with younger adults and those in Dublin and particularly those working in a STEM most likely to agree.

Speaking about the findings Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris TD said:

“This valuable research gives us an insight into people’s perceptions towards science, and the barriers that still exist. We can also see the imbalance in the representation of women in STEM professions. It demonstrates to me as Minister the huge body of work we have to do to excite and encourage people about science and its impact on our daily lives. We need science more than ever in this post-Covid world and we want and need Ireland to be a leader in this field.”

The Speed of Science campaign has also erected in a science display in window of the Science Gallery about the story of vaccine development.

It looks at personal immunity – examining how the body responds to vaccination, through a local scale looking at community immunity, to a global scale – demonstrating the transformation of societies and health systems through vaccinations.

The campaign website also features additional information on each of the exhibits, as well as podcasts recorded with experts in the field of immunology and videos from around the world showcasing how communities across the globe responded to Covid-19.

To find out more about Speed of Science, please visit for more information.