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19th May 2020

Retro Drive-in Movies is set to return and we couldn’t be more excited about it

Melissa Carton

We’re counting down the days.

Places and events are starting slowly reopen again as we enter Phase 1 of the new government rules.

We’re not quite back to normality yet, but we’re getting there and the lessening of certain restrictions mean more of us can get out and more things than we could a month ago.

One of those things is taking in a drive-in movie, which are reopening in Ireland very soon.

Retro Drive-in Movies announced the other day that they will soon be reopening their outdoor cinema venues and are already getting the film reels ready.

Retro Drive-In Movies is part of Double R Media Ltd and was created in 2015.

The outdoor cinema posted yesterday on social media that they will be sharing more exciting news soon and we’re hoping it will be their reopening date.

For the time being Retro Drive-in have put in place new rules for the duration of the COVID-19 prohibitions. These new rules include;

-Only 4 persons (from the same household) are permitted

-If attending, please adhere to the current 5km distance radius

-Toilets are provided but it is advised to use only in case of emergency. Restrooms are cleaned on an hourly and daily basis

-When purchasing tickets, you will be asked to confirm to comply to our updated T&C’s

-All tickets will be scanned through a closed car window with no interaction required. There is no need to leave your vehicle at any stage.

-There is no need to interact with members outside of your family circle

-There is no food or drinks on sale at Retro Drive-In Movie locations at this time

-In this current climate, it is advised not to attend as “Groups Of Friends”

-All attendees must adhere to guidelines. Please respect stewards instructions. Event managers (or representatives) decision is final. Any person found to be “Not complying” with instructions, could result in the attendee being asked to leave the event.

Retro Drive-in Movie’s will be posting their next screenings soon so make sure to keep an eye out on their social media pages and website.