Hobbits and hot tubs: My family's stay at Mayo Glamping 2 years ago

Hobbits and hot tubs: My family's stay at Mayo Glamping

They're taking the hobbits... to Mayo.

Previously I wrote about Mayo Glamping's hobbit huts so naturally, I had to go down and try them out for myself.

I had no idea of what to expect, apart from the Lord of the Rings themed housing, but it way surpassed my expectations!

I booked in with Mayo Glamping for our wedding anniversary last year and we were given the keys to the red hobbit hut.

Given that it's a hobbit hut there was a surprising amount of headroom and my 6ft5 husband was able to walk around comfortably.

Our hut had two cosy double beds inside and a campfire area outside. The day we landed was a bit cold and damp but the room was really well insulated and you couldn't tell when you were indoors how cold it was outside.

After we left off our bags we decided to do some exploring, expecting maybe a basic kitchen and portaloo...how wrong we were.


During our trek around the site, we discovered a self-service bar that you can store and serve your own drink from. Right next to the bar is a hot tub so even in the cold West of Ireland you can still enjoy an outdoor drink in your bikini. If that wasn't enough there's also a sauna in the same area! Talk about glamorous camping.

Mayo Glamping also has a little recreational hall kitted out with wifi as well as a projector for movies and games. The owner was saying that a hen party had been down the day before us and it really is a great place for hens/stags/birthdays when you think that you could have a whole bar and mini cinema to yourself and your friends.

And yes you are not seeing things, the toilet was, in fact, the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. It definitely came as a surprise when I went to the bathroom still half asleep in the middle of the night.

Aside from the rec room, there was a fantastic outdoor play area for the kids with swings, games, footballs, playhouse, all overseen by the friendliest goat that I have ever met.

The kitchen area, which was decorated in Hogwarts banners, had jars of sweet treats as well as all the fixings for breakfast and hot drinks.

While we were in the dining area we were asked if we'd like to cook a pizza in the wood-burning oven. We had come with some snacks and two Pot Noodles, but no pizza so I was a little confused at first. The host then told us we could make our own pizza from scratch and that everything we needed was in the kitchen!


We made a pizza each and then had them cooked in the outdoor wood-burning oven. They were restaurant quality delicious.

Once the kids were down for the night my husband and I built a little fire with supplies we could purchase for €4.

We didn't make use of the bar on this visit because we didn't want to wander too far from the kids but if we go back with friends I'll be taking full advantage of the hot tub.

The campfire was really lovely because it was absolutely baltic outside but it was also a great way to get chatting to the other glampers.

It even turned out that some were there because they had read my previous article which I was chuffed to hear!

The following morning we had breakfast in the kitchen which came stocked with cereals, tea and coffee.

The rate for a cabin is €100 for two people and €30 per each additional person staying, which considering all the facilities available is great value.

Mayo Glamping finishes it's open season in November and will reopen in February and I will definitely be booking more holidays with them, both with and without the kids.

Glamping may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you're looking for something different for you and your family I can't recommend this place enough!