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01st Jul 2023

Holidaymakers warned that one simple thing in Spain could land you a hefty fine

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A warning has been issued to Irish holidaymakers to avoid being fined a huge amount for one simple thing while travelling to Spain.

Using your headphones when cycling might be more than normal at home, but it is something that could land you €200 in fines in Spain.

If you find yourself away and decide to rent some bikes to get around, make sure you leave your headphones in your bag as you don’t want this to be the reason you get fined.

“Current Spanish law, which was updated in 2014, states that you cannot cycle whilst listening to music through headphones or earbuds,’ Lena Farnell from Cycle SOS told “Cyclists who are caught wearing earphones can expect to pay a €200 fine in Spain.

“Listening to music compromises a cyclist’s ability to listen to road traffic, including the sirens of emergency vehicles.”

And it’s not only Spain that does this as France also punishes cyclists. In France, you will be hit with a €135.

Italy and Portugal also both insist you have at least one earphone out.

Holidaymakers are encouraged by the Department of Foreign Affairs to check websites for these rules ahead of going away.

Holidaymakers have also been warned that two popular beaches on Spain’s Costa del Sol are set to be closed for a number of months during the summer.

The Mirror has reported that both the Torrebermeja and Las Gaviotas beaches have been partially closed since March due to ongoing improvement works on the Malapesquera breakwater.

The closure will end in July at the earliest, according to authorities in Benalmádena, but the current situation could impact Irish people heading on holiday to the area.

While the beach itself is closed, tourists will still be able to go to the bars and restaurants in the surrounding area.

And while the beach remains closed during the weekdays, they reopen each weekend which will allow visitors some access to the sea.


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