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19th Jun 2023

Why you shouldn’t put your address on your suitcases

Don’t make this mistake when you’re heading away this summer.

Travelers have been warned against using luggage tags with their addresses on them because of thieves.

Apparently, thieves can use the personal information on your suitcase to break into your home.

When you think about it, not everyone in an airport needs to go through security or even needs a ticket to be there.

The atrium area where bags are dropped is open to anyone and we’re not looking to see who may or may not be looking at our luggage tags.

Because of all these elements, opportunistic thieves can take their time noting addresses on luggage tags and how many people in a group have the same address.

This can help a burglar figure out if an entire family is heading away and if their home will be completely empty.

How can we keep our suitcase safe in case it does get lost?

The best way that you can keep both your luggage and your home safe is by writing your phone number and email address on your luggage tag in lieu of your address.

This way airport security or anyone that comes across your suitcase will be able to contact you but they won’t know where you live and if your house is empty.


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