Dad's warning after piercing gun gets stuck on baby's ear causing 'damage' 1 year ago

Dad's warning after piercing gun gets stuck on baby's ear causing 'damage'

A dad has shared a warning after a piercing gun got stuck on a baby's ear, causing her "damage."

Zack Watson received a message from a client of his saying that the gun had gotten stuck in the family members' baby's ear while it was being pierced.

The message also said: "This has never happened before."

Watson is a professional piercer and body modification specialist who believes that piercing guns are dangerous.

The dad regularly shares posts on social media about the dangers of using piercing guns on children, saying that children need to become "old enough to decide how they want their ears to look."

He also shared the photo he received from his client of the baby's "damaged" ear.

Later, Watson told Cafe Mom that baby Emmy's ear healed and that she can get her ear pierced against in the future if she wants to.

However, he also called the situation "traumatic" for the infant.

In another post shared on his Facebook, Watson condemned the use of piercing guns on children, calling them more dangerous than assault rifles.

A poll conducted by The Journal in 2015 showed that a majority of people thought there should be age limit on when people could get their ears pierced.

77 percent of people thought that there should be, while 18 percent argue against. 3 percent said that they didn't know.

This came after a reality TV show in the UK showed a four-year-old infant getting her ears pierced.