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24th Jun 2023

Paul Danan is “hurting more than you know” after death of pregnant co-star

Laura Cunningham

“It’s actually just too painful to even think about right now”

Actor Paul Danan has renewed his call for help for the family of his Hollyoaks co-star, Frankie Julia Hough.

The pregnant Hollyoaks actor sadly passed away after a car accident in Manchester. She was travelling with her two sons and her nephew when a collision occurred.

Taking to Instagram to once again express his shock about her death, he former co-star Paul Danan said: “The bastard dangerous driver, who I do feel sorry for as I’m sure he never set out to hurt anyone, has been charged. However, Frankie will never get to see her family again. And as for her unborn child who never even got a chance in life, let alone her two little gorgeous boys and nephew (who) won’t see their mum or aunty again. My heart and prayers goes out to them and the husband. God knows how he’s coping right now and also her adorable sisters and parents. May we all come together and do what we can to help and support you.

“I am truly devastated and hurting more than you know, to only find this out yesterday two weeks after it happened. I feel a bit hopeless but know that God will help you all through it somehow and just maybe had a bigger plan for those two.

“I also feel that the only way to move on is to forgive that man who obviously should not have been on the road. This just solidifies things for me about driving dangerously or fast especially when not in a good head space. Look at what can happen. It’s actually just too painful to even think about right now.”

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He also encouraged his followers to donate to a GoFundMe set up to help Frankie’s family: “Please donate to help this poor poor family, much love and thanks. P”

Frankie appeared alongside Paul in the UK soap Hollyoaks, playing the character Jess.

“I feel so lost right now.”

Danan previously paid tribute on Twitter saying: “I just heard the most shocking upsetting news I’ve heard in such a long time. Another good friend who was such a special person has sadly passed away while carrying her unborn baby and her 2 little boys and nephew who were in the car too.”

He continued, “They had a terrible car accident. He was driving on the M6 when a car must have crashed into them dangerously the driver has been charged. This wonderful actress played the character “Jess” alongside me for 4 years in Hollyoaks. I feel so lost right now.

According to The Mirror, the mum had stopped on the hard shoulder of the M66 when another vehicle hit her car. It is understood that the driver of the other car was speeding.

Mr. Adil Iqbal was arrested and pleaded guilty in court this week.

22-year-old Hough was fatally injured in the May 13th accident. Her nine-year-old son was also seriously injured.

Her nephew was also badly hurt, according to BBC News.

Mr.Iqbal will appear at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester in July.

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