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24th May 2016

100 Days To Health: A Week-by-Week Exercise Guide


We’re so glad you’ve joined us in our mission to get you (and your kids) one per cent healthier every day on our 100 Days To Health programme. 

Over the next 100 days, our very own personal trainer and guru Jen Feighery of MindHerBody will inspire us to get real results with an easy-to-follow programme and one key exercise every day (posted daily on our Facebook page).

Meet us here on-site every afternoon for lots of nutrition advice and tasty, easy-to-follow family recipes that fit into a mum’s busy lifestyle.

First, a word from our coach…

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Weekly exercise tips to combine with your exercise of the day:

Week 1: This week aim to take the stairs everywhere you go and park your car further away from the supermarket or your office so that you get in an extra few steps every day. This is a great way to fit in some cardio exercise as you go about your day.

Week 2: This week (literally) run all your errands. If you struggle to find time to exercise and are constantly busy with work and family life, use walking/running as your commute to work or to get to the bank or post office. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone and being super productive to boot!

Week 3: This week whenever you’re watching TV and the ad breaks come on, jog on the spot for the length of time it takes for your show to come back on. By the end of the week, depending on the amount of TV you watch, you’ll have gotten a decent cardio boost.

Week 4: This week, take the kids with you on a jog, walk or cycle. That way you don’t need to organise a babysitter or miss out on your workout altogether. If the kids are too young to cycle by themselves or walk , strap them into the stroller and take them with you for extra resistance or place them in baby seat for your bike. Aim to get in three cardio workouts lasting around 30-45 minutes each.

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