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Children's health

24th Jun 2022

Irish Heart Foundation calls for ban on junk food marketing for kids

The Irish Heart Foundation has called for an end to adverts that target junk food at kids.

A new poll has found that 79% of adults in Ireland would support a ban on junk food and drink advertising on television being extended from the current 6 pm to 9 pm.

77% of adults also agreed that personal data of those under 18 should not be used for junk food marketing.

This week, the Irish Heart Foundation launched their Stop Targeting Kids drive.

Ireland currently restricts advertising of junk food and drink – but only on children’s TV programmes up to 6 pm.

The IHF believes 17% of 5-9-year-olds will be living with obesity by 2030.

Youth campaigners Christina Adane stated, “Junk food is being given a starring role in young people’s minds.”

“Our health is at risk as a result,” she added.

She said that change is possible, but Irish politicians need to put action behind their words.

“Together, let’s give future generations the best chance to live healthy and happy lives.”

Chris Macey added, “The food pyramid has been effectively turned on its head.

“Unhealthy food brands are marketing a completely different diet to the one young people should consume.

“We know marketing is influencing young people’s diets– we must act to protect children from developing cardiovascular disease in their futures.”

“Since then, we have seen an explosion of marketing in an online free-for-all; that’s why we need the ban to extend across all forms of social media, while influencer marketing has also emerged as a big problem.”