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Children's health

09th Oct 2023

Nurse reveals hack if your child is refusing to take their medicine

Kat O'Connor

This medicine hack is bound to make your life that little bit easier.

Getting your children to take medicine can sometimes be incredibly difficult. Every parent has struggled to get their little ones to take medicine at some point, but a nurse has revealed a hack that might help.

Penny of the Sick Happens Instagram account revealed a simple trick that works on most children.

Many infants refuse to take medicine because of how it tastes or because they’re unfamiliar with it.

However, a nurse has revealed a clever method that will help many parents with poorly children.

She said if your child is being stubborn and refusing to take their medicine you can try giving them their soother straight after. This will encourage them to swallow their medicine rather than spitting it back out.

She advised: “You can also drip the medicine into the side of the mouth with the dummy still in, but you’ll need to use your ninja skills!”

Penny also suggested giving them the medicine in the side of their mouth. This will prevent them from spitting it out, she explained.

“If you aim for the middle of the mouth, they will likely spit it out or thrust it out with their tongue (this is a natural reflex for babies).”

Do you have any hacks that help when your little one is sick?