Mum begs people not to kiss babies after herpes virus makes daughter severely ill 1 month ago

Mum begs people not to kiss babies after herpes virus makes daughter severely ill

A mum has issued a heartbreaking plea after her daughter became severely ill from the herpes virus.

She warned people not to kiss babies, especially if they have an active cold sore.

"I cannot express enough the importance of good hygiene for those who suffer from cold sores and to be particularly mindful when you are around little ones."

She explained that her family hasn't been near anyone with an active cold sore.

“No baby or mum should ever have to endure this," she said.

The mum said her daughter was taken to A&E twice because of her level of pain. Doctors gave her medication to reduce her pain but said they had to let the virus run its course.

“It’s now been over a week since my baby has let solid food touch her lips. All my baby wants to do is suck her thumb and she can’t even do that," the mum shared.


"Literally there’s nothing I can do to take her pain away," she added.

The young girl's mouth was completely covered in painful blisters. She even struggled to drink water because the pain was so severe.

The popular Instagram page Tiny Hearts shared the story to raise awareness about the cold sore virus. The educational account urged parents to be wary of this virus.

"I can honestly say it’s one of the most horrendous things to go through. They can’t eat, they can’t sleep, they refuse medication because it causes more pain… they lose weight, they become dehydrated and can become really sick."

Parents need to normalise the sentence ‘don’t kiss my baby’.

They stressed that we must educate people about the dangers of kissing a baby.

Encouraging good hand hygiene is essential.

Ensure your child doesn't share cups, cutlery, or toys with other children.

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