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31st May 2019

Hush & Hush supplements are brilliant for mums with postpartum hair loss

Melissa Carton


Do you suffer from postpartum hair loss?

I’ve always had fairly thick hair but when I was pregnant with my daughter it grew even thicker.

A few weeks after I gave birth though it all began to fall out again, sometimes in chunks.

If this has happened or is currently happening to you this supplement might help you regain your formally luscious locks.


DeeplyRooted by Hush & Hush helps to rejuvenate your hair.

Hair becomes damaged over time by over styling and hormonal changes which can lead to thinning and weakened strands.

Healthy hair starts at the root and this daily nutraceutical creates the perfect base to encourage stronger, longer and thicker hair.

The supplements work at a cellular level, to reduce existing signs of ageing and prevent future damage.

Every ingredient has been specially chosen to serve a specific purpose.

Deeply Rooted by Hush & Hush is available in selected Irish stores for €75.00.