The Kivin method could help you get the best oral sex you've ever had 4 years ago

The Kivin method could help you get the best oral sex you've ever had

We all want pleasurable oral sex, right?

If the usual technique that's always gotten you off is feeling a bit samey or isn't working at all, it's worth having your partner try something new.

That something new could be the Kivin method, a technique that's been the subject of a lot of chat on the internet this week.

"There have been some pretty bold claims about its effectiveness," sex expert Annabelle Knight told Cosmopolitan.

Those claims include an orgasm in three minutes and a more intense climax because it stimulates more of the clitoris than traditional cunnilingus.

The Kivin method could be the key to you getting the best oral sex ever

It sound promising, but how's it done?

"Ask her to lie on her back while you position yourself side-on between her legs," Men's Health advises the giver.

"Put two fingers either side of her clitoris to raise and steady it and slowly sweep your tongue back and forth feeling for two tiny bumps on each side of the hood. Slowly increase your speed then using a finger from your free hand press into her perineum (the area between the entrance to the vagina and the anus).

"As you feel her nearing orgasm, transfer your tongue from the side to the head of her clitoris."


Having a finger on the perineum is key according to Chris and Charlotte Rose, who host a podcast called Speaking of Sex, because it'll give the giver "immediate feedback" on how well they're doing.

"The reason you will get immediate feedback is when your tongue is stroking in the correct place, the woman will experience involuntary, preorgasmic contractions in this area," they say.

So there you have it - the Kivin method.

We don't know if it can live up to the claims but it sounds like it's well worth a go.