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18th Jan 2016

Planning To Get Fit in 2016? Then You Need To Try Prehab

Sharyn Hayden

In recent years we’ve seen a surge in popularity in running, cycling, triathlons and even more recently with Conor McGregor in the media focus, people are trying their hand at martial arts, boxing and more!

Prehab, or ‘prehabilitation’ is well known amongst professional athletes and is now filtering down to the mainstream.


Essentially it is a form of strength training which is undertaken to prevent injuries from happening.

If you are planning on ramping up your training, whether that be for general fitness, weight loss or for a specific event such as a triathlon, then Prehab is for you.

The strength training involves stretches, foam rolling and some specific core work such as Pilates.

If you are a busy parent, you more than likely spend a good portion of your day not taking care of your posture. There are children, car seats and buggies to lift, floors to mop, homework to complete.

Even simply sitting for prolonged periods of time can contribute to postural dysfunction, pain, imbalance and injury if you put the demands of a rigorous training plan on your body.


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Prehab will address imbalances in the body and you may even find that you require a physical therapy session or deep tissue massage to get the full benefits of a Prehab programme.

It will address minor aches and pains associated with consistent training and deal with them before they become an injury.

Eleanor Finn from Finesse Fitness in Maynooth runs Prehab courses and advises:

“Keep your goals in sight and injuries at bay no matter what you are training for”

We’re up for it, are you? Let us know how you get on @HerFamilydotie.