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04th Aug 2016

The World’s First Baby Spa Has Opened in the US (And It Is ADORABLE)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Most adults are partial to a little bob about in a Jacuzzi now and then, but one Texas company are offering a similar experience for babies… with a range of amazing health benefits.

Float Baby is a purpose-designed facility offering newborns and infants the opportunity to float in a special tub, which research shows, can increase muscular and skeletal strength and lung capacity, benefit the cardiovascular system and boost cognitive development.

So how does it work?

Well; first your little swimmer is provided with a freshly laundered (in chemical free ozone) swim diaper, according to their thigh size.

A tub of warm, purified water awaits and the baby is fitted with the proper size Float Baby flotation device. Once in the water, they happily kick, splash and twist about for up to 25 minutes, carefully supervised by parents and the resident childcare experts.  They may even fall asleep…

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Once they’re finished, babies are swaddled in a warmed organic Bohemian Bamboo towel (anti-microbial and anti-bacterial) and given time for a feed if necessary before a certified baby massage instructor talks mum or dad through a 20-minute baby massage using special oils recommended for infants.

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Float Baby recommends at least one session per week, starting as soon as the umbilical cord has fallen off and continuing until the baby is six months old and beyond.

The company, the brainchild of baby expert Kristi Isonclaims that Float Babies “can hit their milestones by as much as 50 per cent ahead of non-water babies so attendance is crucial for results”.

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Immediate results reported by parents include better feeding, better sleeping, with time allotted for a feed after the float and before a baby massage, meaning babies leave feeling relaxed and ready for a nap.

Floating also relieves gas, constipation and digestion issues, easing colic symptoms.

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“Many report that bowel movements are achieved with our tummy massage instruction and are happy to relieve this discomfort for their babies.” explains the website.

Each individual tub is filled with and sanitised after each baby and cleaning is meticulous in order to preserve the safe conditions for babies.

Watch a video on the Float Baby experience here.

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