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12th Oct 2015

This Dad invented bandages to match his kids’ skin tones

Katie Mythen-Lynch

When he couldn’t find sticking plasters to match the colour of his children’s skin, Toby Meisenhamer decided to do something about it.

The dad of six founded Tru Colour Bandages and got to work creating skin-tone matched plasters, launching the company on Amazon with three new shades.


“I can’t believe I survived 38 years without noticing that bandages came in a cartoon format or for only one type of skin.” says Meisenhamer, who has two biological children, three adopted black children and one black foster child. “That’s just not right. We started Tru-Colour Bandages to change this industry for the better. Everyone deserves a bandage that matches their skin tone.”

Each resealable, waterproof bag contains 30 skin-tone bandages: 15 medium and 15 larger bandages.

tru 2

The Chicago entrepreneur (38) told The Huffington Post:

“I just want my kids, who are already gonna struggle with the fact that they don’t have the same skin colour as their dad, I want them to see they were made as just as authentic and just as beautiful and the bandage market needs to reflect that,”

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with one mum saying: “In addition to being high quality, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a bandage that matches the skin color of my adopted Congolese son. Though only two, he exclaimed, “Match!’ when I put it on his skin. Love what this company stands for!”

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