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14th Dec 2017

Mum wants panto to be shut down for using this word on stage

She says the show is too smutty for children.

Jade Hayden


A mum has said that she wants a panto to be shut down because of its repeated use of the word ‘dick.’

The Dick Whittington panto has been playing at the Manchester Opera House for the past while.

However, mum Natalie Woods thinks that it should be cancelled because it’s too “smutty” for children.

She told the BBC that she made an official complaint to the venue and production company about the panto.

“My children were repeating ‘Alice loves Dick’ and sticking their fingers out of their trousers for a pretend penis throughout the evening.

“This is not acceptable and my children required far too much explaining about adult humour for a family show.”

Natalie said that she attended the panto with six children and that the jokes in the show were not appropriate for them.

“The main issue for us was the actual fondling of Jimmy Krankie’s breasts and all the different cheap smutty jokes.

“Normally we share the jokes from the show afterwards – these kind of jokes you would have to discourage the children from repeating and or acting out.”

A representative for the panto’s promoters said that none of the jokes were meant to cause offence.

They said:

“In-keeping with the tradition of pantomime, the script does make use of double entendre and part of that is a play on the names of the characters.

“None of the humour within the show is intended to cause offence of any kind.”

The panto stars John Barrowman and The Krankies.