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20th May 2020

Stuck for simple home activities for the kids? Healthy Heroes has loads

Anna Daly

Healthy Heroes

Brought to you by Healthy Heroes

We’re loving anything that can mix life up a bit.

Two and a half months into lockdown and things are really starting to get a bit monotonous. We’re the first to say that it’s hard to find something fun and exciting to do with your kids every day.

The board games have all been played multiple times and we could pretty much do every jigsaw puzzle with our eyes closed.

However, with the recent changes happening across the country, The Irish Bread Bakers Association and Bord Bia decided to adapt their popular nutrition and exercise programme, Healthy Heroes, for use at home. The programme was designed as a schools-based programme and for seven years now has been incorporated into the curriculums of over 900 primary schools across Ireland. It is full of a great range of activities and information and is now available online at for home use.

Healthy Heroes was created by teachers and behaviour change experts with the support of Dr Mary McCreery, one of Ireland’s leading consultant nutritionists and dieticians, and aims to help children to change their eating and fitness habits for the better. And we’re thinking there’s really no better time to start up some healthy habits than right now when there are fewer distractions and sugary temptations around.

The activities in the programme are simple, fun, and easy to adapt for children of all ages and can work for groups of all sizes, so siblings can all play together. There are also activities for mums and dads to do with their kids if you want to participate in the fun too. And don’t worry about having to set up a whole playing base for the kids – they can be played whenever and wherever.

These fun activities are listed in Healthy Heroes’ two booklets: one for kids and one for parents.

As well as plenty of fun activities, the booklets also contain loads of information on nutritional health as well as tips on maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits so that you can make sure that the kids are getting everything they need, even while stuck at home. In the kids’ booklet, you can also find oodles of fun foodie facts that we’ve no doubt the kids with be spouting off for years to come.

To find out more about the programme or to download the booklets for yourselves, head over to

Let the fun begin.

Brought to you by Healthy Heroes