Meet the Irish siblings starring in Netflix's Dated & Related 3 months ago

Meet the Irish siblings starring in Netflix's Dated & Related

The show is not as weird as it sounds, we promise.

Netflix's newest dating series Dated & Related lands on the streaming platform today, and an Irish brother and sister are among the contestants.

The premise of the show sees siblings act as each other's wing man or wing woman and help each other out in finding the love of their life.

If that wasn't enough to pique our interest, than the fact that two Irish siblings are taking part certainly is.

Andy and Rachel Foster hail from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, and they're both former Irish dancing champions, but they've been a bit less lucky in love.


According to Netflix, Andy is a "sporty surfer". So far, he's been in one "serious relationship", but he admits that he "can often fall too easily". One reason that may be is because he has been "super focused" on his career as a quantity surveyor and he's been busy having fun, partying with his mates. Now, however, he's ready to settle down. His type? An "all natural, surfer bombshell".

As for cafe manager, Rachel, she's a "well-travelled free spirit", and while she's enjoyed living her best single life, she's heading to Dated & Related to find someone to "tame her partying ways". However, Rachel is "extremely picky", and she "won't fall for anyone less than a 10/10".

Rachel and Andy will feature on the fifth episode of Dated & Related.

Other siblings taking part in the series English brothers Henry and William Wade, who also happen to be business partners and best friends. In the past, they've struggled to balance their party lifestyle, but they're now hopeful that Dated & Related will help change that. The pair have a similar type, and are looking for a "worldie" to bring back home.

Dated & Related launches today on Netflix.