Make the most of the summer with these fun and affordable outdoor toys 3 weeks ago

Make the most of the summer with these fun and affordable outdoor toys

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How amazing are these?

Now that days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is finally starting to improve, it's probably time to start planning ahead for the summer holidays.

It won't be long before parents all around the country are tasked with encouraging their kids to ditch their screens and video games to get outdoors and make the most of the summer break.

And if you're trying to come up with some fun and affordable ways to keep the kids occupied outdoors this summer, we've got something that might help...

From Thursday 5 May, Lidl are stocking an incredible range of outdoor toys for all ages, and they're perfect for keeping kids busy during the summer.

From scooters to longboards, these items won't break the bank but are sure to provide hours of entertainment when the weather improves.

Check out our top picks from the range below...




If you're looking to keep some thrill seekers entertained, it might be worth upgrading their scooter for a sleeker, faster model. Designed for kids, this electric scooter is sure to provide hours of entertainment all throughout the summer.

Bouncy Castle


Turn your back yard into the ultimate playground with this easily inflated bouncy castle. Featuring an inflatable ring toss game and a basket ball hoop, it's perfect for when tiny tots are having friends around to the house and they're all sure to get hours of fun out of it.

Muuwmi Longboard



The perfect toy for anyone who's looking to perfect their skating skills this summer, this sleek and durable longboard is suitable for experienced skaters or complete newbies. With your new long board in tow, a summer spent exploring Ireland's exciting skateparks is sure to go down a treat.

Kids' Ball


Never underestimate the enjoyment that can be had from a simple kick-about. This cute Disney ball and an open space, like a nearby park, pitch or beach, is all you need to keep your kids occupied on a sunny afternoon.

Bubble Blower



Remember the hours of entertainment you could get from playing with bubbles as a kid? Take this magic to a whole new level with easy-to-use bubble machine. Simply pour the solution into the blower and enjoy the cloud of bubbles that emerge from the little frogs head...

Kids' cycling helmet


Now that we're well into those longer brighter days, it's the perfect excuse to dust off the family bikes and make use of all the stunning greenways and cycling trails around the country. And if some new helmets are in order, Lidl's range is the perfect combination of practical and cool...

K Skate Protection Set



Any enthusiastic skater or rollerblader knows it can be a tricky skill to get the hang of. Available for kids and big kids, this handy set includes elbow, wrist and knee pads to give you some extra protection if you're planning on setting those wheels into motion this summer.

Hook and loop dartboard


If you want to put your hand-eye coordination to test this summer, why not kickstart a family darts competition? Lidl have a range of colourful magnetic dartboards to choose from that can be easily pinned to any wall around your house for some rainy day entertainment.

Nerf Vortex Aero Howler


Planning a family game of rounders? We'd recommend swapping out your usual tennis ball for this lightweight Nerf Howler, as it has a specially designed tail to ensure it flies longer distances and it makes a howling noise as it glides through the air.

Lidl's outdoor toy range will be available in stores nationwide from Thursday 5 May. Find out more HERE

Brought to you by Lidl