Mother-in-law says she would only 'hit your child if...', mum takes it badly 9 months ago

Mother-in-law says she would only 'hit your child if...', mum takes it badly

A mum has reacted badly to the fact that her mother-in-law says she would hit her child in certain situations.

The unknown woman took to a popular parenting forum to say that her partner's mother said she would do so if the child "ran across the street or something like that."

She added that she was not comfortable with anyone hitting her child "no matter what's going on."

She wrote:

"My daughter's father's mother was talking to me today while on a drive, we were discussing how I would like to parent.

"She made a comment to me that didn’t sit well with me. She said 'I would only hit your kid if she ran across the street or something like that.'

"Yes running in the street is bad and terrifying, but I do not want anyone putting their hands on my child no matter what’s going on. I don’t believe that’s the answer and I’m choosing to parent that way."

She went on:

"I couldn’t afford to fight with her, every time I disagree with her and tell her about it, I’m giving her “lip” which causes me to get more frustrated and then... I fear I’ll just snap.

"I told my boyfriend what happened and he seemed to not understand what so ever why I would be bothered.

"I wanted him to talk to her about our parenting style and if my child is in her care for any amount of time, her hands will not be touching my daughter in that type of manner."

Users were very sympathetic to the mum's situation.


However, they also suggested that she needed to distance herself from the mother-in-law if she was unable to be around her.

One person wrote:

"I’ve read your posts before and I think you need to get out of that house. Can you go home?

"You may need to get your own place. That woman has no respect for you and treats you pretty badly."

Another said:

"There is NO way in hell that anyone will hit my child. If they laid even a finger on my child the police would need to be called because of what I would do to them."

The mum has said that her living situation will not be changing anytime soon.

What do you think she should do?