'It's very, very, very tricky'... Ronan Keating on co-parenting with Yvonne 11 months ago

'It's very, very, very tricky'... Ronan Keating on co-parenting with Yvonne

It's never an easy situation.

Breaking up, especially when children are involved, is never easy, and now Ronan Keating has opened up about what life is like co-parenting with Yvonne Connolly.

According to The Sun, he said that while things can be up in the air at times, it's his new wife Storm that keeps it all together.

He said: “It’s very, very very, very tricky, it’s a very difficult thing. We are lucky, I have three amazing children (with Yvonne) that blow my mind — the stuff that they deal with — and they are brilliant.

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“I have a crazy schedule, all the time busy, but [Storm] manages to go, ‘OK, we need to be in Dublin this weekend’ or ‘they need to be over here, we’re on holidays here, this is when we are all going to be together’.

“She makes that work — that happens because Storm makes that happen. I would be useless without that. This wouldn’t work like it works.

“It’s tricky at times, navigating all of it, and it has to be handled with gloves at times. But I’m very lucky with three amazing children that understand what they’re dealing with and the world they are in.”

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Ronan also opened up about how frustrating it can get at times, saying that he just has to be an "adult" about it.

“It wouldn’t be easy all the time — but you try for the children always to just remain calm and get through it.

“You’ve got to always remain in an adult state of mind so that you can deal with it. There’s times when I get very angry, very frustrated and you really have to bottle that, you’ve got to protect the children always," he finished.