12 Of The Most Amazing Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas 3 years ago

12 Of The Most Amazing Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

By now, you probably have your Christmas cake made and are dousing it in a little whiskey every other day - or hour!

Way back when, the standard method for decorating a Christmas cake was a layer of marzipan, held steadfast to the cake with some jam, followed by icing with snowy icing peaks all around the edges, and a plastic Christmas ribbon around the edges for a bit of added 'oooh' factor.

And not that there is anything wrong with that - I have just described my Grandmother's cakes! - I just mean we have moved on in our decorating skills these days.

So if you are on the hunt for some modern decorating inspiration, look no further than these twelve little beauties!

1. The Surprised Skier Cake

homedecorating ideas

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2. When Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney


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3. Reindeer cake


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4. Chilled-out Santa Claus

Santa pool

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5. Christmas Presents Cake


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6. Christmas Candle Cake


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7. The Happy Snowman


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8. Snow angels cake


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9. Christmas Snow Cake


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10. Hot Chocolate Mug Cake


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11. Elf On A Polar Bear Cake


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12. Christmas Mail Box Cake


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What is your plan for your Christmas cake this year? Let us know in the comments!