This Is The DIY Secret To Making Nutella Cocktails At Home 6 years ago

This Is The DIY Secret To Making Nutella Cocktails At Home

Honestly; what party, celebration or gathering (or night in alone, frankly, isn't instantly improved by the addition of Nutella?

Having been busy spreading it on toast, dolloping it into cake batter and swirling it into hot milk for the past 12 months, we were more than ready for a new, extra festive way to enjoy our favourite spread and now booze blogger extraordinaire Amy of Thermomix Me A Drink Darling has delivered in a major way.

Take it from us: Nutella Liqueur is the Christmas drink of 2016. And thanks to Amy, you can mix up a batch in the comfort of your kitchen.

Eat, drink, and be merry y'all! #happyholidays #nutellaliqueur

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A simple blend of vodka and chocolate and praline goodness, this is guaranteed to be a hit at Christmas parties so make sure you make enough to enjoy a few yourself on Christmas Eve too.

While Amy uses a Thermomix to make her liqueur, it can also be done by adding all the non-boozy ingredients to a warm saucepan until melted, then adding in your vodka at the end when the pan is cooler.


Here's what you need to make your Nutella cocktail dreams come true...

Makes 500mls

250gm Nutella

200gm Long life cream (UHT)

50gm raw sugar

250gm Vodka

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Recipe and images: Thermomix Me A Drink Darling