We have found a selection box that'll make the perfect toddler stocking filler 4 years ago

We have found a selection box that'll make the perfect toddler stocking filler

Christmas – and the festive season in general – tends to be a bit of a nutritional disaster.

Certainly when it comes to sugar and chocolate – for both us and the kids.

And look, we're not saying don't eat chocolate, because, frankly, it just wouldn't feel like Christmas. But having some healthy options on hand too? Yes, please. That would be all sorts of fab.

Which is why we think the new Christmas Selection Box from Organix Goodies (€3,59) pretty much makes the perfect stocking filler for toddlers (and older children too, in fairness – although they might have reached an age where you won't be able to so easily fob them off with something that isn't chocolate... )


Just look at how cute and festive this box is! Each box contains five Goodies snacks so little ones can choose their favourites: two single Goodies soft oaty bars in raspberry & apple and apple & orange, a single pack of mini gingerbread men, Goodies alphabet biscuits and – yum – strawberry gummies.

And the best bit? You'll feel super-good about having just given them (in their eyes) a total treat, while also knowing that the entire selection box comes with Organix No Junk Promise, a stamp of reassurance that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary.

It's a parenting win-win, if you ask us.

Oh, and guess what? Once all the Goodies are eaten, you can help your little one create their own winter wonderland scene inside the box too.