This Hack (Involving Rum) Could Make Your Fresh Fruit Last For Months! 7 years ago

This Hack (Involving Rum) Could Make Your Fresh Fruit Last For Months!

Do you ever buy lots of fresh fruit in the hope of being healthy and then end up throwing quite a lot of it in the bin because it’s gone off? Well, we have.

But those days could be over, now that we’ve come across this helpful hack.

According to, the German tradition known as rumtopf (rum pot) is a way of enjoying highly perishable fruit for months.

The website explains the method behind the simple hack and it goes something along these lines:

  1. Take the fruit (it doesn’t matter is it’s slightly overripe) and remove anything inedible such as stems, seeds and peel.
  2. Cut it into bite-sized chunks and toss with white sugar.
  3. Put it into a Mason jar and pour in enough rum to cover all fruit pieces (all pieces must be completely covered).
  4. Close the lid and let the fruit soak for at least two months before consuming.



The method, during which the rum acts as a preservative, works for most fruits except for those that have a high water content (such as melons and bananas).

It can then be used in sweet or savoury creations including pies and cakes. Alternatively, you could just throw some into a bowl of ice cream or use it for summer cocktails.

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