Mum shocked as school phones her for including THIS in her daughter's lunch box 11 months ago

Mum shocked as school phones her for including THIS in her daughter's lunch box

Ever had a run-in with the 'lunch box police'?

Lots of schools have strict rules on what kids can and can't eat at lunchtime but one mum reckons her daughter's teacher has taken things too far.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman says that she's been asked to come into the school to talk about the contents of her kid's lunch box.

The issue? A small biscuit bar.

"I am irritated as the teacher has looked in dd (darling daughter's) lunch bag this morning which I feel is out of order," the mum wrote, sharing an image of the bar.

The lunch also included "a cheese and ham mini wrap with lettuce, cucumber and red onion in, six cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, a pot of hummus and grapes."


"I would seriously think the school had more to worry about than a flaming fun size biscuit," the angry mum concluded.

Lots of fellow mums on the site shared their own experiences of being pulled up over their kids' lunches.

Many pointed out that the food served in school canteens can often be unhealthy.

"Had the same with my childrens school, they are not allowed anything with chocolate in it despite chocolate cake and icecream on the menu!," wrote one.

"It's ridiculous. The same happened to my DD. Meanwhile those having school dinners all enjoy cake and custard," commented another.

"I've been pulled into school over a mini Jammy Dodger snack pack before now. Basically 4 Jammy Dodgers each the side of a thumb nail, while the school dinner pudding was chocolate fudge cake," said a third.

What do you think - are schools too strict on lunch boxes or should teachers be keeping an eye on what kids eat?