Mum has 'no time' to cook breakfast and asks advice for her 'fussy' kids 2 years ago

Mum has 'no time' to cook breakfast and asks advice for her 'fussy' kids

Do you cook breakfast every morning?

We always try to give our children the best in life, and the best is having a healthy breakfast. However, one mum has taken to Mumsnet to say that while she wishes she had the energy, she just doesn't do it.

Her kids don't like cereal so she's in a bit of a conundrum.

"It's kind of in my 'ain't nobody got time for that' category but equally I wish I had the energy to cook breakfast every day.

"My kids are rubbish with continental breakfast (not big fans of cereal, toast, etc. Unless it's just chocolate covered cereal bars) but will wolf down eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and hash browns if given the opportunity.

"AIBU to refuse to get up early and cook them the food they actually like? If you do make the effort do you think it benefits you and your family? "

Many mums replied to the post, saying that there are many options that don't take much time.

One mother replied:


"You don't need to do the full fry up, beans on toast with a toaster and beans in the microwave takes about 3 mins.

"Eggs 'poached' in a ramekin in the microwave are quick and easy, serve on toast or dip toast in, then it's just one ramekin more than a bowl of cereal for cleaning.

"If you have a toastie sandwich maker in the back of a cupboard then you can break an egg on to the bread - push the bread into the mold a bit."

While another said:

"I do porridge or eggs every day. Have never had cereal in the house, (except granola which we sometimes have with yoghurt and fruit as a dessert).

"Would they eat a cheese and ham toastie (quick if you pre-prep)? Or baked beans on toast - super quick and easy? (Add a side of chopped tomatoes) or savoury pancakes."

What's the easiest option for you every morning?