Pass the avo toast, avocados can seriously reduce the symptoms of arthritis 8 months ago

Pass the avo toast, avocados can seriously reduce the symptoms of arthritis

If you're one of the many Irish people suffering from arthritis, you may want to stock up on avocados.

In Ireland, around 915,000 people suffer from arthritis on a daily basis. The condition which causes an inflammation of the joints can be extremely painful and debilitating.

It's an ailment that impacts people young and old, so knowing how to combat it could help you or someone you know.

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Avocados play an important role in decreasing oxidative and inflammatory stress due to the presence of a large number of xanthophyll carotenoids. These include lutein and zeaxanthin which are rich in anti-oxidant properties.

Oxidative and inflammatory stress increases the deterioration and damage of joint cartilage and having a healthy intake of avocado can significantly reduce this.

The fatty acids found in avocado blocks the production of inflammatory mediators, known to cause inflammation and deterioration of cartilage.


I've personally witnessed the difference that subtracting certain products from a diet and adding others can make on a family member's arthritis.

While avocados may help relieve your symptoms, dairy can exacerbate your inflammation.

Nightshade family vegetables including tomatoes, white potatoes, aubergine, and peppers are also good to avoid....not great news if you love a bit of mash with your dinner.

With the current trend of avocado everything, you'll have no shortage of amazing recipes you can try or restaurants you can pop into for an avocado treat.

It's a pretty delicious way to protect the health of your bones and to be honest who doesn't love another excuse to tuck into some smashed goodness?