25 fun (and screen-free) activities to try with your kids this winter 4 years ago

25 fun (and screen-free) activities to try with your kids this winter

January can be bleak, no?

Your bank account is still suffering from the indulgences of December, the weather is grim and it is all too easy to end up siting at home, with the entire family staring into their respective screens.

But guys – it doesn't have to be this way.

There are plenty of fun things for families to do together in winter, with activities and family fun that will have everyone excited – and best of all? Most of these are absolutely FREE.

Don't belive us? Just take a look at the list below:

1.  Get everyone involved in getting the house organized

If they can do it with you, kids actually like helping out with the tidy up. Bonus: You will all feel so much better from having an organized home and it will give you even more time for play. Win-win.

2. Create a '2019 gratitude jar'

Every weekend, write a not about all the great things that happened that week, put it into you jar, and then, come New Years Eve 2019, you'll have a beautiful reminder about what a great year it was for your family.

3. Visit a new playground

Tons of fun – and all for free.


4. Let them help you cook a dinner from scratch

Kids love helping out, and studies have shown kids are much more likey to want to try new foods if they have helped out preparing it.

5. Bake a new cookie recipe

Because nothing beats freshly made cookies.

6. Have a family karaoke session

Because they'll love to watch you belt out some 90s classics!

7. Visit your local pool


Swimming is fun AND it's great exercise.

8. Write a script then use your phone's camera to make a DIY short film

Fun and educational. And who knows – you might got a future Oscar winning director on your hands.

9. Make homemade hot chocolate

Frosty winter afternoons are made for hot chocolate. Don't forget the marshmallows!

10. Go visit a local museum

Because learning can be fun.


11. Create your own paintings, frame them, and create a gallery wall.

Mix it up with family photos, and you got yourself the perfect gallery wall.

12. Host a board game night

Whip out the Monopoly and get stuck in.

13. Go camping in your living room and have a family pyjama party

Bring in all the blankets and cushions and fall asleep all snuggled up. They'll remember this night forever.

14. Collect old winter coats from family members and friends, then drop them to a charity working with the homeless


Because little acts of kindsness will breed a kinder world.

15. Host a family movie marathon

Let everyone select their favourite, and watch them together.

16. Visit your local library and stock up on books

It's fun, educational and FREE.

17. Build a fort under the table

And have a sleep-over in it.


18. Go bowling

Fun for everyone.

19. Go for a hike

Beat the cabin fever with some fresh winter air.

20. Make handmade cards for birthdays or special occasions

Get the glitter glue out! You'll save on buying cards, and it a great excuse for using up some of that craft supply.

21. Have a bike race in the park


Fitness for the whole family.

22. Have a 'Yes Day'

We tried this one for you and it's fun!

23. Invite little friends over for a 'just because' party

Bonus: You can have a chat (and a glass of wine!) with the mums while the kids tuck into cupcakes!

24. Put on a family talent show

Who knew dad was so good at magic tricks?!

25. Go on a nature hunt, searching for specific things

Fresh air and family fun, without a screen in sight.