Three simple steps to potty train your child in just three days 3 years ago

Three simple steps to potty train your child in just three days

Currently on the verge of potty training my own toddler, I am a glutton for any information that can reassure me that this will be smooth sailing all the way.

With my little girl, it totally was. She just came home from creche one day when she was pretty much exactly two, and declared loudly that she was now a big girl, and that no more nappies would be needed. And boy was she right. From that moment we packed away the nappies, and she did not have One. Single. Accident. Not one. I know. I was also a little "surely it can't be THIS easy" about the whole thing, but it really was.

About a week after we waved bye-bye to nappies, we flew to Edinburgh for a city break, where I would ask her every morning, when we got dressed in the hotel, if she wanted nappies on, just in case, as we would be walking around a lot, and maybe not be in the direct vicinity of a toilet at all times. But no, she would tell me if she had to go, she promised, and hold it till we found a toilet. And she did. Little legend.

With my little boy, however, even though he is slightly older now than his big sister was when she moved on to potties and big-girl pants, I feel the whole toilet training debacle might not go quite this smooth... Maybe I am just being crazy, but surely one can't be that lucky twice, no?


Which is why I am currently taking all tips being thrown my way – and preparing myself for all the puddles that surely lies ahead...

According, though, to author of 3 Day Potty Training (and mum of six!), Lora Jensen, I am actually making things far more dramatic than they need be, and that poor L has probably been ready for months already.

"I do believe that all kids are ready to be potty trained both day and night, pee and poo, by the time they are 22 months old," Jensen explains in her book. "Children are curious creatures and respond to potty training with the right cues: teaching them to know their bodies, and getting rid of distractions and old methods."

And if you are in my boat, here are her three hacks you have got to know if you — and your child — are ready to ditch the nappies.

1. Speak up

Sometimes your child gets so wrapped up in playtime that they simply don't realize they need to go potty. And since they've always had a built-in bathroom attached to them, they don't know to say anything. Lora told TV channel ABC 6 that parents should continually remind them that they need to tell you they need a potty break. "

Don't ask them, just remind them about a potty break," she says. "If the child feels that they have control over the process, they're not going to fight it."


2. Ditch the distractions

Flipping the channel to Peppa Pig may give you a minute to breathe, but it's also derailing your efforts. Lora says to make sure the TV and cell phones are turned off. "It really means staying home and doing nothing. Just focusing all your time on that child for three days."

3. Toss your backup materials

Yep, it's time for all of the nappies and pull-ups to go. Think of it as nixing any excuses that will lead to relying on old habits.


Ok, here goes....

How quick were YOUR children to potty train? And what age were they? Let us know in the comments!