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18th Jul 2018

Expert claims this is how often you should shower… and we’re very surprised

Very unexpected

Olivia Hayes

We didn’t think this would be his answer.

Sometimes, having a shower can be a total effort. Between washing, drying and styling your hair, washing your body, shaving… at times it can just be a bit too much (especially when you have kids to look after).

Saying that though, it’s a must-do, and while we’d love to use dry shampoo for most of the week, we’d rather feel fresh going to work and not stinky.

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But, according to Professor Stephen Shumack, President of the Australasia College of Dermatologists, we should only shower when… we need to.

He told the Sunday Morning Herald: “It’s become popular because of the social need to smell good. But it’s only the glands in your armpit and groin that produce body odour. They’re not all over the body.”

He also claimed that showering too much “can cause actual damage making people more permeable to bacteria or viruses, itchy skin, dryness, flakiness and worsening conditions like eczema.”

So, all in all, showering is a “social pressure rather than actual need.”

Just have a shower when you’re starting to smell, yeah?