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10th Dec 2021

Green eyeliner is the makeup trend taking over this Christmas

Katy Brennan


Icy blue shades usually dominate the makeup world over the winter season but this year, we’re predicting green will take over and reign supreme.

Green eyeliner is one of the coolest trends right now and it’s guaranteed to make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

And while it may sound a little out there, don’t worry, it’s super flattering.

Christmas parties are up in the air this year, but there’ll still be plenty of other opportunities to turn a few looks. Let’s be honest, we need it after last year.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Lucy Hale have even been spotted flaunting the green liner trend.

Lucy Hale’s makeup artist, Kelsey Deenihan, shared the actor’s neon look on Instagram with the caption: “She Glows in the Dark.

The rest of Lucy’s makeup was minimal – a nude glossy lip and simple blush, with her hair pulled back into a messy bun.

Dua Lipa’s take on the trend came in September when she appeared at Versace’s 2022 show. She went for a stunning double-winged green liner – two-tone liner one of the hottest make-up looks at the moment, according to Vogue.

YouTube star Emma Chamberlain also gave it a go with her 70s-inspired look at this year’s Met Gala. The bold neon colour was applied all over the lid and in the inner corners, leaving us wowed to say the least.

Kendall knocked it out of the park by taking it a step further on New Year’s Eve 2020 with an all-green outfit. She rocked a bright neon green top and trousers, oversized earrings, and of course dazzling green eye liner.

If you – or your teen – decide to give it a go, the best way to perfect it is to keep the rest of your makeup pretty simple, in order to really let that green liner pop. We’re talking dewy foundation, blush, a neutral lip and subtle false lashes.

Unless you fancy going all out and opting for a grinch-inspired aesthetic like Kendall, and, honestly, why not?