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03rd Jul 2017

Kate Middleton debuts shorter hair at the first day of Wimbledon


Cathy Donohue

Kate Middleton has amazing hair and every time she makes a change, minute or otherwise, we notice.

In recent years, her big bouncy locks made the curly blow-dry request more popular than ever and it’s a style that will never ever go out of date.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge is ready for a change and new pictures today have seen her sporting shorter hair.

Kate Middleton has chopped her hair

Kate Middleton has chopped her hair

Not only has she chopped off a couple of inches, the rich chestnut shade really suits Kate and we are loving the new look.

The mother of two was pictured at the first day of Wimbledon, wearing a D&G polka-dot dress and Victoria Beckham bag but of course, her new hair is the centre of attention.

Kate Middleton has chopped her hair

The Duke and Duchess regularly attend the tennis tournament and are often VIP guests at the men’s single match but as they’re soon to embark on a royal tour of Poland and Germany, this may be their only Wimbledon outing this year.

It may not be a dramatic hair transformation but considering Kate doesn’t change her look very often, you can definitely see the difference.

Kate Middleton has chopped her hair