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07th Sep 2018

There’s a new amazing Dyson hair dryer coming, and it’s GOLD

Rebecca O'Keeffe


When the gorge folks at Dyson released their original supersonic hair dryer, I nearly died with the excitement.

Initially I was dubious, because of the price (I am not exactly a millionaire).

However, some things are worth the investment, and the supersonic by Dyson is one of them.

And now, we have a shiny new Dyson creation to fall in love for (and start saving for).

This week, Dyson released the new Dyson Supersonic™ 23.75 karat gold hair dryer.

Designed by James Dyson himself, this hair dryer is gold leafed using a traditional hand – gilding method and is the first of its kind. Every cap is hand gilt in 23.75k gold.



Speaking about the amazing new launch, James Dyson says:

“Gold is one of the most resilient materials in the world and has been used in design, sculpture and architecture for centuries. As an element, I’m fascinated by its properties. Like the engineering process we pride ourselves on, gilding is a true example of meticulous craftsmanship.”

The new supersonic is motor enabled. The small but powerful Dyson digital motor V9 sits in the handle, not the head, making it much more comfortable to hold.

It also drys your hair way faster while protecting natural shine – can’t argue with that!


There are four heat settings, including a cool shot and ‘always cool’ option, and three airflow settings. Dyson engineers have designed three magnetic attachments – a styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle and diffuser.

This will further control airflow, allowing people with different hair types to achieve a range of styles.

The shiny new gold Dyson supersonic will be available in Ireland on September 17th.

The kicker? The new hair dryer is 500 quid.

Christmas IS coming though.