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24th Sep 2018

Penneys responds after backlash for posting a plus-size model pic on Instagram

Rebecca O'Keeffe

This is important!

Just when you think the world is becoming a more accepting place, the assholes come out to play.

Earlier today, our gorge pals at Primark shared a snap of a plus-size woman on their Instagram.

She looked flawless, rocking a band-tee and grey pants!

For the most part, Primark followers seemed delighted with the inclusion of a curvy woman on their feed.

“Best thing I’ve seen on my feed! Well done Primark!” wrote one fan of the brand.


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If in doubt, just rock a band tee like @emmatamsinhill ?T-shirt £9 (Available in: ??) #Primark #fashion #fblogger

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While another said: “I have so much respect for the model! And for you Primark for posting this! There is a lot of bodyshaming and girls being insecure about there weight and body (I am one of them, after having 2 kids and most ppl my age -28- are skinny bishez). I wish i had this much confidence.”

However, where there is positivity, there is negativity, and the trolls appeared as always.

Some people were quick to diss Primark, saying that they are glorifying obesity by posting pictures like this.

Please someone, disable the Internet of these morons…


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I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading ?

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Anyway, Primark were forced to defend their decision to post the image of the gorgeous Emma Hill on their Insta.

They wrote:

“Hey guys! We love to see your comments but please keep things respectful. We’re all about building each other up, and spreading positivity. We are firm believers that people should wear whatever they want to wear! Whatever makes them feel great! We love Emma Hill’s outfit.”

It is sad that Primark should need to defend an image like this, but we totally respect them for doing so!

Leave the hate at home kids, no room for it here!